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Non-profit organizations play an important role in combating trafficking by:
  • Activating the community
  • Advocating for better laws
  • Developing information, education and awareness raising campaigns
  • Rescuing and restoring victims
  • Providing direct assistance to victims of trafficking through shelter, food, medical care and psychological counseling, legal aid, employment training and hotlines
  • Conducting research on all aspects of human trafficking

NGO Partners:


The Artists & Athletes Alliance


Catholic Charities

Childhood Foundation

Courtney’s House

Crossway Community

ECPAT International

Fair Fund

Knock-Out Abuse


Operation Underground Railroad

The Polaris Project

The Protection Project (Johns Hopkins University)

Restoration Ministries

The Ricky Martin Foundation

The Salvation Army

Save the Children

Second Chance

Shared Hope International

Stop The Traffik

Vital Voices

World Vision

Youth for Tomorrow

Government Partners

The Department of State

The Department of Defense

The Department of Justice

The Department of Commerce

The Department of Labor

The Department of Health and Human Services

The Department of Transportation

The Department of Education

The Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Homeland Security

D.C. Task Force Against Trafficking

Inter-American Development Bank