Success Stories

Growing numbers of trafficked persons are being rescued because someone recognized that something was not right. The following stories are examples of how good Samaritans are making a difference. 

On a recent flight, some backpackers asked a flight attendant to help a teenage girl traveling alone. Someone had handed her off to them and she spoke no English. After the plane arrived in Washington, D.C., the attendant noticed no one showed up to meet the girl. She had a number to call, but the man that answered became angry that she had arrived earlier than expected. The flight attendant called the authorities.

While taking the train from New York to Washington, D.C., a woman noticed two pretty teenage girls.  Although it was winter, they were not wearing warm clothes. They were coughing and sneezing and looked ill. They were accompanied by a man who watched their every move. The girls seemed afraid and would not make eye contact with the traveler. “I was sure that something was wrong,” she said. She recognized the warning sign, took the initiative and made a call to authorities. 

rescuedgirlA child became separated from her parents in the parking lot of a large theme park. Two men approached her and enticed her over to their truck, offering to help find her parents. She started screaming, but the men forced her into the vehicle and drove away. A passerby noticed the struggle and called the police, providing a detailed description of the truck and the abductors. The child was rescued.